PCH Debuts at Wizard World Toronto Comic Con

Jeri Ryan signs autographs at Toronto Comic Con.
Source: Cyrille Antonio


We made our debut at this years Toronto Comic Con and after wrapping up the two day event of outrageous geeky-ness we couldn’t be happier. Toronto Comic Con wrapped up this past weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and was yet another hit in its third year running. It brought many celebrities from the sci fi genre to Toronto to meet and greet with their fans, signing autographs and posing for pictures. Paul Wesley the actor who plays Stefan, one of the main vampires on the hit teen drama Vampire Diaries, headed north this year to be part of the festivities. The lines were endless to meet him especially the ladies who can’t get enough of his dare say “sexy-ness.” His wife, actress Torrey Devitto (Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries) was there by his side to greet her fans as well. Other notable celebs were Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager), the cast of Being Human (Sam Witwer, Sam Worthington and Meghan Rath), WWE star Edge, Amy Acker (Angel, Once Upon a Time) and the man behind the Boba Fett costume, Jeremy Bulloch.

Unlike past Toronto Comic Cons, there were less celebrities which might seem unfair to some however it almost worked out better that way as fans were able to see their favourite celebs a lot more efficiently and the line ups weren’t as long because of this. Not only did it open up more opportunities to see these stars but it also opened up an avenue for many of the comic book artists and writers to shine and be noticed. A lot of the time in the past they’ve been overshadowed by the overwhelming number of actors and actresses at the con, but this time fans were able to see their talent in action.

Our very own Cyrille Antonio was the moderator for a panel with three artists John McCrea, Mark “Jock” Simpson and Javi Fernandez which we had the pleasure of sitting in on. It was really cool to hear them answer fans questions and to find out what really goes on behind the scenes with a comic book, and the hard work and dedication it takes these artists to put their all into these amazing drawings from superheroes to other sci-fi characters.

The highlight for us covering Toronto Comic Con this year was definitely the fans and cos players who make it a hit every year. We saw incredible costumes from Batman to Joker, Harley Quinn to Catwoman. We even got to see an Alien costume which looks like it could’ve been “authentic” straight from the film. It had us in awe and I believe many of the fans at the Con couldn’t keep their eyes off.  Of course you had the entire Empire army from the Storm Troopers to Lord Vader and the Emperor himself roaming the event as well.

Many people wondered what it would be like to change the event from Direct Energy Centre to the convention centre but it never disappointed. The venue felt much bigger and the turn out this year was definitely the largest in the cons three year reign. Changing the event to a two day festivity rather than a three day one brought in many more fans on the last day than years past. Fans were able to see everything they wanted in two days rather than having a third day, which got boring for some in years past because they’d seen everything already. For an event that definitely lives in the shadows of bigger cons like FanExpo, if the fans keep coming like they did this year it won’t be long till Wizard World Toronto Comic Con is the sci-fi event of the year!

Check out our photos of the event here and our VLog coverage of the event will be up in a few days!

See y’all next year!


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